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Invest in your garden, save yourself time watering. How? Let us design & install your irrigation system

Oasis Watering Systems Installation

Oasis Watering offers garden Irrigation systems and watering systems

Stress free garden watering every time!
With our Oasis watering systems, you can say goodbye to the hassle and heartache of watering your garden by hand. With programme-controlled watering, the right amount of water is delivered at the right time to the right plant. Using compact and reliable components, we will design, install, and maintain your system. From the smallest patio to the largest garden, Oasis Watering will meet your requirements at a very reasonable cost.
The process starts with a detailed questionnaire and site survey, which is then followed by a free, comprehensive quotation. If the client accepts the quote, our team will professionally install their new watering system. Additionally, Oasis Watering offers three levels of optional maintenance service for the client to choose from for worry free after service.

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Irrigation and Watering Systems

Benefits For You of Garden Irrigation Systems

  • Say goodbye to the hassle and heartache of watering by hand
  • We will design, install and maintain your system
  • Selection of watering systems
  • Programme-controlled watering
  • Automatic watering systems
  • Convenient Systems
  • Whether you are going away on holiday or you simply don’t have the time
  • Compact and reliable components
  • Fitted with timers, the systems will provide your garden with the perfect amount of water at the right time
  • Very reasonable cost
  • Our watering systems are a great investment
  • Perfect Plant Watering
  • Tailored to meet the requirements of each garden space
  • Full maintenance packages

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Wide choice of watering systems available.
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Contact us for a free quotation.

Wide range of services

Meet Our Oasis Watering Team

David Baines - Oasis Watering

It started with a simple idea: Deliver quality, well-designed garden irrigation systems and watering systems for homes to allow stress free watering for our clients.

David Baines, Owner

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Imagine a beautiful garden, one where the flowers and bulbs are blooming, the lawns are green and lush with health.

Water is the key to this and regular watering is required to make a garden bloom and protect the investment you have made in your plants, flowers, trees and bushes.

Yet who has the time these days to spend hours each night watering the garden?

Maybe you have better things to do! Like visit your friends, family or getting out to your favourite restaurant. Not to mention those holidays that you’ve booked away.

It’s not going to be easy to pop back to water the garden, is it?

Here’s the issue for everyone. In the height of those warm Spring and Summer seasons, the heat in the South of England can really rise and then dry out the garden soil, leaving your expensive plants, bushes and lawns struggling for life.

No-one wants to return home to a garden that has lost it’s greenery after a well earned holiday.

So what do you do?

Yes, the solution is to invest in an automatic watering system that does the watering for you while you are away!  Problem sorted, so where do I sign up?

Yes, you can do it here.

Contact Oasis Watering in Teddington, then book an appointment for us to visit you in your home for a site visit. We will prepare a watering system design to suit your requirements and give you a competitive quote.

Happy with it?  – yes, so then we will organise an installation date for your irrigation system.

The result is then stress free automatic watering for your garden, even while you are away on holiday.

And a lovely green, healthy garden you can be proud of when you return!

Contact Oasis Watering Tel. 020 816 816 66

David Baines - Oasis Watering

David Baines

Design and Planning
Louis Harrison - Oasis Watering

Louis Harrison

Tireless Implementer
Chief Trencher

Owen Wilson

Chief Trencher

Latest Oasis Watering Projects

Oasis Watering provides exceptional garden watering and garden irrigation systems to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 14 years. Our experienced Oasis Watering system engineers  set the highest standards in installation and maintenance each day in local areas of SW London, Surrey, Middlesex and Kingston upon Thames. We will get your garden flourishing in no time and all this with stress free watering for you.



“Experienced Crew”

David and his team were reliable, hard working, efficient and conscientious.  Excellent work, thank you so much.


Testimonial for Oasis Watering

“Very Happy With Oasis Watering”

I was very happy with the project and the end result is excellent. It is a really good system.


Burwood Park

“Excellent Work”

Honest reliable and always professional in their approach to the task in hand. Very experienced with an eye to detail.



“Great One”

Thank you for your professional advice and approach to the job. You provided an efficient and courteous service throughout.

Moya McGinley


“Very Good”

Oasis Watering carries out the watering system installation to a high professional standard. Many thanks for a very good job.

Jes Renhas

Virginia Water

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garden Irrigation System / Lawn Watering System?

Tell us the size of your garden and we can give you a quote.


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