Pots and planters can be a most flexible, beautiful and almost instant splash of colour in a garden bringing much needed life and vibrancy to a garden, patio area or small terrace. The issue with pots and planters is that they are often so vulnerable to dehydration moisture loss and therefore plant stress.

The requirement from the  home owner is often to be able to leave the pots and planters to flourish on their own for weeks at a time, either because they have no time or they want to be absent for certain periods of time across the summer but still return to find the planters and pots in an acceptable condition.

The Solution to all of this is to fit a watering system capable of automatic irrigation such that the pots and planters can benefit from sufficient water to keep them going until the owner has a bit of time to tend the plants next.


Pots and planters benefit from less moisture retention due to small volumes of soil and as such they need frequent small doses of water to avoid excessive run off/drain off which can wash away valuable soil and cause puddles on the ground below pots and planters.

The control system needs to be capable of multiple watering’s per day on the dedicated circuit for pots and planters and not be a circuit used for watering other flower borders where the watering demands are different.

Pots and planters need to be constructed with moisture retention measures in mind when constructed as well as adequate drainage holes. The watering areas should be kept in groups to reduce unsightly spaghetti of pipework feeding large numbers of pots. The positioning of pots and planters is often a very personal thing so flexibility in positioning of pots and planters needs to be considered in system design as does the amount of water each pot or planter requires. Users will still need to adjust the running times for pots as the seasons progress and temperatures change but most pot watering systems will ensure growth and blooms far in excess of expectation if carried out automatically and in a regular watering regime.


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