Think of how long it takes for you to hold your hose in your hand and walk around the garden and water all your flower borders and lawns with the flow from your hose.
Now, think about reducing the time it takes by bringing around your mates and neighbours to hold their hose on your flowers for you to half or cut by 2/3 the amount of time you spend watering.

But don’t forget that this multiplies the amount of water required by the same factor.

When we design a watering system we are basically doing this calculation for you but bearing in mind the outlet types and their flow capabilities for any given watering scenario. We will divide the task of watering into several zones or areas and then ensure that the pipework, fed by the tap, is provided water under the control of the irrigation system programmer to operate these zones in turn. Just like you would do if you could invite your friends to help you do the watering on a regular basis.

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