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Who Are Oasis Watering?

Oasis Watering is a small family business dedicated to the design, supply, and maintenance of large and small domestic garden irrigation systems.

Do they work on small and large gardens?

We install and service anything from patio gardens to large 5 acre gardens. We only carry out irrigation installation and maintenance nothing to do with gardening or landscaping.

What do they do?

We install automated watering systems to enhance the quality and productivity of domestic gardens and protect the plants against the increasing dry summers in the UK.

The process starts with understanding the customer requirements and a site survey.

Do they Quote before carrying out work ?

We provide a written quote if required for work in advance and discuss the details as well as pros and cons of offered solutions with clients.

If the quote is accepted work is scheduled, components and labour lined up and the work is carried out in a fast and efficient manner. Once completed, systems are tested and finally a handover to the client is carried out with system training if required.

Do they offer maintenance?

We offer at least three levels of maintenance involvement for customers post installation. A light touch annual spring visit, A second level twice a year maintenance program with known costs plus continency for unforseen items and a top level maintenance.

What is the top level maintenance they offer ?

A Gold star level Ad hoc maintenance program visiting as customers require but at least twice per year with annual preventative maintenance as well as all the above mentioned elements of the alternative maintenance programs.

Do Oasis Watering offer maintenance on systems they have not installed ?

Customers who have systems not installed by us have access to our Gold level maintenance services  but priority will be given to installations where we have installed the system and where customers are already under maintenance agreements.

Why Should I Install an Irrigation System?

Any gardener will tell you flowers and lawns in the warmest parts of summer survive best with regular small doses of water. Some won’t even plant if no watering system is in place.

Why else should I install an irrigation system ?

In our busy lives these days we are all « time poor » and it is easy to forget to carry out that routine of watering. Or we make the decision to « sit down and rest » instead of spending several hours watering a garden on a summers evening. Or we don’t notice that plants are in « distress » until they start to droop, which by then is too late !

Does an irrigation system save me time ?

Often watering a garden will take several hours each summers night and this protection of much loved plants can be automated to free you up from the chore by making an investment in an automated irrigation system.

What is the benefit to the garden ?

Irrigated gardens are greener, brighter, healthier, and more manageable than those without irrigation.  If you want to maximise the beautiful flowers and shrubs of your garden each summer it is best to give them regular water in a controlled and measured way.

Why take a maintenance contract with Oasis Watering?

Oasis offers prompt, friendly, and efficient services at very affordable prices.

Where Does Oasis Watering offer their service?

Oasis is based in Teddington, we offer maintenance across a very tight geographic area around   Surrey to a maximum of 20 miles radius mainly west and south of our location.

What do they charge for maintenance?

Maintenance charges are calculated on the complexity of the system, size, number of outlets, distance from head office and level service required. A quote will be given.

What do new irrigation installations cost ?

This depends entirely on the scope of the customer’s requirements. Our typical charges range from £350 for a simple patio through £2000 for most London small gardens to £8,000 for large gardens with buried pop up sprays for lawns and borders.

What Kind of Systems Are Offered?

Oasis will generally provide any kind of irrigation system required. Our systems are increasingly required to be descrete and trendy, but always automatic, using the best components available, achieveing the best coverage possible in the circumstances for the lowest cost possible.

Does Oasis offer buried systems ?

If subterranean, pop-up, or pumped systems are required, these are significantly more expensive and require greater effort to design and install, but we certainly install increasing numbers of systems of this type.

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